EastEnders Fans Notice Strange Similarity In Kat Moon’s Outfit...

You’d think that now the Christmas and New Year’s episodes are done and dusted EastEnders would opt to tone down the drama for a little bit, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Because this is Albert Square, and in Albert Square drama never sleeps.

With Stacey Branning struggling more than ever with her bipolar disorder following the birth of her son, Arthur, she can’t quite come to terms with the fact that Martin Fowler isn’t the baby’s dad.

When her cousin Kat Moon worked out the big secret during last night’s episode, she warned Stacey that she should tell the truth as she remembered covering up the fact that she is Zoe Slater’s mum for years.

Speaking to her cous, Kat explained: “What I kept from Zoe for all those years tore us apart. And I don’t want that to happen to you.

“If you leave things as they are, it will just get worse.”

However, fans of the show were more interested in what Kat was wearing than what she was saying, with many eagle-eyed fans noticing that Kat was wearing an incredibly similar outfit to the one she wore during the infamous “You ain’t my mother” scene that saw Kat reveal all to her daughter.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “@bbceastenders JessieWallaceUK IS it on purpose that Kat looks the same as she did when she told Zoe she’s her mum?”

Another added: “@bbceastenders I really hope they did it on purpose, it would be so clever to mirror it like that and bring back the old Kat”.

And with the arrival of the nun who delivered Zoe at the end of the episode, it seems pretty certain that it won’t be long before Kat discovers that Zoe was a twin and she has a secret son.

Which makes us think that the outfit homage was 100% on intentional.