EastEnders' Ian Beale to face huge dilemma over Bobby

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Ian Beale will face a huge dilemma over his son Bobby in EastEnders.

The legendary character recently returned to Walford, with ex-wife Cindy Beale and son Peter Beale in tow, to take back control of his properties and businesses in Walford.

Ian went so far as to kick his mum Kathy Cotton and her new husband Rocky out of her home so he could move in with Cindy. Ian initially invited Bobby and Peter to stay with them, but this caused friction with Cindy.


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Cindy still holds a grudge over Bobby killing sister (and Cindy's daughter) Lucy Beale when he was a child, leading to an uncomfortable situation where she wanted him out of her house.

In upcoming scenes, Kathy intervenes on behalf of her grandson to try to convince Ian to let Bobby move back in the house.

Ian finds himself in an uncomfortable position of trying to convince Cindy that Bobby isn't fully responsible for Lucy's death, as he was a little boy at the time and never intended to kill her.

Cindy is having none of it, leading to total chaos breaking out when Ian tries to convince her Bobby should move back in.

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In a recent interview, Michelle Collins shed some light on why Cindy still finds it so hard to forgive Bobby for Lucy's tragic death.

"It's difficult with Bobby. He did something and he paid for it – he went to prison and he's out," Michelle said. "It is hard for Cindy to understand that. These are the things that we're addressing and working through.

"Everyone really cares about getting it right and that is really important for everybody. I worried about all these things as well but I think the writers are great, actually. They're really good."

These scenes will air next week.

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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