EastEnders’ Ian to find out about Cindy and George’s kiss

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders’ Ian Beale is set to find out about Cindy’s kiss with George Knight, in new scenes.

Last month, George kissed his ex-wife Cindy behind his fiancée Elaine’s back, and last week, Elaine found out about the betrayal.

George admitted to the kiss, and while he told her it didn’t mean anything, a hurt Elaine kicked him out of the pub.

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The fallout will continue later this week, with Elaine, tired of the gossip about her and George, set to confront Cindy about the kiss in dramatic scenes.

She tells Cindy that she can have George if she wants him, but when Cindy says she’s happy with Ian, Elaine warns her to stay away from George once and for all.

In scenes that will air next week, Elaine arranges a girls’ night out with Anna and Gina, and she reassures them that they always have a home in The Vic with her, regardless of her relationship with their dad.

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George gets his hopes up when Elaine asks him to come over but is disappointed that she just wants him to cover the bar while she’s out.

While out at Peggy’s, Gina and Anna attempt to convince Elaine to give their dad another chance.

Cindy turns up at the club, to the annoyance of the girls, so she decides to go to The Vic instead, where George is dealing with a packed pub single-handedly.

elaine peacock, ian beale, eastenders

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When she sees that George is struggling on his own, Cindy offers to lend a hand, and the pair are soon back in their old routine – reminiscent of when they worked at George’s bar in Marbella.

But just as they are getting along famously, Elaine returns, and she is horrified to see Cindy behind her bar.

Following this new betrayal, Elaine later decides to summon Ian to The Vic and tell him about Cindy and George’s kiss.

How will Ian react to this shocking news about his partner?

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