EastEnders' James Bye speaks out on possible reunion for Stacey and Martin

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star James Bye has opened up about a possible reunion for his character Martin Fowler and his former wife Stacey Slater, played by Lacey Turner.

The pair divorced in 2019. However, the couple have seemingly been getting closer again and Stacey will even seek comfort in her ex over her decision to join an OnlyFans style site to pay her bills in upcoming scenes.

But could we see them back together?

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"I genuinely leave this to the writers. We have these conversations quite a lot with the story team and Chris Clenshaw, our Executive Producer," Bye admitted when asked if he wants to see Martin and Stacey reunite.

"Where they are right now is a really fun place for Lacey and me. With all the history that they've got, they are definitely closer right now than when they were in a romantic relationship. But it's always going to be bubbling under, and the fans seem to want Martin and Stacey to get back together, and I'm not saying they won't, but I quite like the fact that we don’t know if that will happen."

He added: "That's what's special about their relationship — it can change on the flip of a coin."

The actor also opened up about what fans can expect to see in upcoming scenes when Stacey decides to confide in Martin as they go for a picnic together.

stacey slater, martin fowler, eastenders

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"Stacey tells Martin there's a way for her to earn more money, he asks if it is going to get her in trouble and if it is going to hurt anyone. Stacey's like, 'No, no, no!' So Martin says, 'Do it, why not? If it will help the family and make you feel better, do it,'" he shared.

"That's his stance on everything with Stacey – if she's happy and not in trouble, then he is going to support her."

Bye previously teased a reunion for the former couple back in February, but wouldn't reveal if things could turn romantic between the two again.

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