EastEnders' Jamie Borthwick on the outcome of Jay and Lola's row

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Jamie Borthwick has opened up on Jay and Lola's recent marital problems, revealing that his character doesn't fully trust Lola's mum Emma Harding.

Jay and Lola's marriage hit a rough patch after Emma convinced her daughter that Jay had been seen getting close to another woman in the pub, causing Lola to believe Jay was cheating on her.

Explaining Lola's reaction, Borthwick said: "Naturally she’s very upset. She thinks 'Oh God, Jay is pursuing other women' and obviously that doesn’t make her feel good.

"Once she has a chance to take it all in and put it into perspective, she then takes a whole different view of 'Why would he want to be with me when I’m unwell?' and she starts thinking 'He doesn’t have to be with me and be here looking after me'."

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The actor went on to reveal that the couple are able to patch things up, however the situation has left Jay convinced that Emma is trying to drive a wedge between the couple.

He continued: "[Jay] knows that this is Emma’s doing so he’s very angry.

"Deep down he knows that Lola doesn't truly believe it and thankfully she comes to her senses once she has the time to digest what has gone on and thankfully after a good conversation they sort it all out. However, he knows from that point that Emma is bad news."

jay and lola kiss after getting married in eastenders

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Recent episodes have seen Jay become increasingly frustrated by Emma's actions, which have seen her secretly pass her phone number onto Lola's daughter Lexi without the couple's permission.

Borthwick added that Emma is definitely up to something, even if her motives are currently unclear.

"Yes, absolutely," he said, when asked if Emma is up to no good.

"But why, I don’t know."

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