EastEnders' Jay makes big Lola discovery ahead of wedding

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Jay has made a huge discovery about wife-to-be Lola ahead of their EastEnders wedding.

The fan-favourite couple are set to tie the knot later this week, following Lola's diagnosis with terminal brain cancer several months ago.

In Tuesday's episode (January 24), Billy and Jay were both feeling nervous after Lola started acting very secretively about her phone.

Billy eventually swiped the phone to find out what Lola had been up to. While Jay wasn't happy with Billy invading Lola's privacy, he ultimately agreed to look at what Lola was up to during his stag do.

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"Jay, you were worried about her. I'm worried about her," Billy argued.

The two found that Lola had actually been recording videos where she spoke candidly and emotionally about the process of finding out you have terminal cancer.

In one of the videos, Lola speaks about how the big events in life mean so much more — like marrying the love of her life.

"She's incredible, ain't she," Jay marvelled to Billy.

Lola walked in while her grandad and husband-to-be were watching her videos, and she was understandably upset at the invasion of privacy.

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"Do you know what the worst part of being ill is? No privacy. That, and everyone deciding what's best for you," she insisted.

While Billy and Jay both apologised, they encouraged her to post the videos on social media because they could help others in the same situation.

"You are a natural in front of the camera and what you say really connects people," Jay assured her.

Lola agreed to post the video — and shared the happy news with Jay that she'd decided on Pearce-Brown as her surname after their nuptials.

While the night ended on a happy note for Lola, Billy was left conflicted when Phil encouraged him to go visit Lola's mum and invite her to the wedding.

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