EastEnders' Kat Mitchell to be warned over Nish plan

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Kat Mitchell will ignore warnings over plotting against Nish Panesar next week.

Kat began a surprise relationship with Nish a few weeks ago, but is about to discover that his intentions towards her are far from honourable.

Nish will seek an opportunity to get his hands on Kat's fortune in upcoming scenes, as she pursues her divorce from Phil.

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When Kat overhears that Phil is buying the Arches from Ben, she starts to suspect that Phil isn't being honest in the divorce as the business wasn't listed on his solicitors letter.

Nish seizes the opportunity to get his hands on some of the money and introduces Kat to dodgy divorce lawyer Roger Peel.

This raises alarm bells with Kat, who quickly realises that Nish is using her.

nish panesar, priyanandra hart, kat moon, eastenders

Deciding to play Nish at his own game, Kat comes up with a plan of her own.

Kat continues to act normal with Nish, who is unaware that she is privy to his true motivations.

When Suki realises what's going on, she tries to reason with Kat and gives her a warning.

kat moon, eastenders

Suki tells Kat that Nish is dangerous and urges her to steer clear, but Kat remains unfazed.

She ignores Suki's advice and goes ahead with her plan anyway – but is she out of her depth?

Spoilers for later next week have already revealed how Nish will rumble Kat's plan and attempts to attack her.

nish panesar, kat moon, eastenders

She later joins forces with Suki, Eve and Stacey to humiliate him, but this could have dire consequence for The Six when he decides to contact the police with some new 'information' on what happened at Christmas.

Navin Chowdhry – who plays Nish – said: "I think it's a desperate backup plan. I think it was material he always thought he could use, but I don't think he ever felt he would have needed to.

"The plan was going so well, he was literally a signature away from acquiring 50 percent of Phil's assets and right at the eleventh hour it's gone wrong, and so this is a desperate man.

"It's a man who is desperate and has to employ different tactics and this is one of the best cards he has to play right now."

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