EastEnders' Kat Slater takes secret action after Stacey row

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Kat Slater has taken secret action to help the Slaters after falling out with Stacey Slater in EastEnders.

Earlier this week, Kat angered Stacey by splurging to buy her daughter Lily a new school jacket when the rest of the Slaters were struggling to pay for a broken fridge.

When Kat insisted she'd use "Mitchell money" to help out the family, Stacey accused her of throwing money around now that she's in with the Mitchell family.

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Jean Slater was determined to make peace between Stacey and Kat in Wednesday's episode (March 15), but it proved to be easier said than done with both women being so stubborn.

"It's gonna take a miracle to get these two talking, isn't it?" Jean complained to Eve.

It turned out to be Stacey's ex-husband Martin Fowler's return that thawed things between the family members, as he showed her that it was wrong to turn down the fridge that Kat had sent over.

"Stace, you're an amazing mum, alright? Stop being so stubborn and suck it up for the kids," Martin encouraged her.

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Stacey went to the Mitchells' to swallow her pride, telling Kat: "I didn't mean to be such a cow."

Kat assured Stacey that family was more important than petty squabbles, so she felt like they were "in the same boat". Stacey laid down one condition, revealing they'd be paying Kat back with money from Martin's overseas job.

When Phil turned up to remind Kat they had dinner reservations, Stacey turned on her once again by pointing out they were not actually "in the same boat".

After Stacey left, Kat handed back Stacey's cash in secret, telling her that it would be a cushion if Lily or her baby needed something.

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"Hopefully, Stace will find a way to sort this out, but if not, what she don't know, won't hurt her," Kat pointed out.

It has been reported that Stacey could find a new revenue source in the coming weeks when she explores an OnlyFans-like site after a run-in with loan shark Shiv.

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