EastEnders' Linda Carter faces new heartbreak as Alfie and Sam grow closer

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Linda Carter is set to face new heartbreak on EastEnders as Alfie Moon and Sam Mitchell grow closer.

Linda and Alfie are set to take part in a new storyline together as they team up for a good cause, deciding to help Stacey Slater amid her money troubles by working to sell Big Mo's stash of wedding dresses.

In new scenes due to air next week, Linda gets increasingly worried as she awaits an update from her lawyer on the status of Janine's plea, with Linda anxious about a possible trial.

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Sharon and Alfie come to support Linda and convince her to attend the gym opening. While there, Linda and Alfie bond over their history with boxing, before Linda gets an update on Janine.

Meanwhile, Sam and Alfie share a drink at The Vic as they talk about their failed love lives, and getting increasingly tipsy, they crack a joke about his relationship with Linda, unaware that she is listening in.

Linda is left upset, and decides to confront Alfie. What will she say?

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While fans have suggested there is potential for romance between Linda and Alfie, star Shane Richie has downplayed the idea.

"I don't think there's anything there other than Alfie hates to see someone hurting, and when he sees what happened with Mick and Linda, he just sees someone who's hurting, and he wants to be a shoulder to cry on," he told Digital Spy and other media.

"Now how people read into that is up to them, but, at the moment, Alfie has no feelings for Linda whatsoever."

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