EastEnders' Linda to get sinister threat over Queen Vic

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Someone is upset with EastEnders landlady Linda Carter as she unveils new plans for the Queen Vic.

She has been having secret conversations with a mystery caller for a while, although she knows that best mate Sharon was hoping for a return to her former home.

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The Panesars are also interested in running the pub, so when Suki overhears Linda breaking down when Mick's "Presumption of Death" certificate arrives, she tells husband Nish they could be close to sealing the deal.

But Linda tells her mystery caller she's waiting for them to get the money in place.

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She admits to Alfie she's been lying to Sharon and Nish to keep them sweet, just in case her mystery buyer doesn't come through.

When Nish and Suki, believing the deal is done, bring associates to the pub to show off their new acquisition, Linda tells them she's pulling out.

linda carter, alfie moon, eastenders

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Suki is furious, but Nish calmly walks away, insisting that it's just business.

Things go from bad to worse when Linda finally comes clean to Sharon, and a huge fight breaks out.

As Sharon rages at Linda's betrayal, the doors of The Vic are thrown open and Linda's mum Elaine walks in, revealing herself as the new co-owner.

Alfie advises Linda to try to mend her friendship with Sharon but it's not long before they are at each other's throats again.

linda carter, eastenders

It also becomes clear that Nish isn't as calm about the latest developments as he made out and attempts to belittle Elaine as she settles into her new role.

Elaine refuses to be intimidated by him but she and Linda are rattled later when they hear noises in the night.

linda carter, alfie moon, eastenders

They are shocked to find the bar trashed by mystery intruders, with a glass flamingo that Nish previously gifted Linda pointedly left on the bar.

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