EastEnders' Lola Pearce-Brown to get devastating news in brain tumour story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Lola Pearce-Brown will get devastating news about her health next week.

Lola recently had an MRI scan after experiencing some worrying symptoms, and she'll receive the results of this in upcoming episodes.

Lola is busy making preparations for her charity fundraising event when the hospital ask her to come in for an early appointment.

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Jay tries to hide his concerns from a panicked Lola and attempts to remain optimistic about the visit.

At the appointment, Lola gets an update on her illness.

Afterwards, she insists that she wants to plough on with the fundraiser regardless.

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Lola asks Sam if she can hire Peggy's for the event but Sam declines. Furious and overwhelmed, Lola lashes out, before Phil steps in and promises she can use Peggy's for free if she needs it.

Lola is touched by Phil's generosity but a drunken Sam is humiliated that her brother has undermined her once again.

With a venue now in place, Lola remains determined to push forward with the fundraiser event, but her behaviour starts to spark concern with her loved ones.

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Ben is particularly concerned that Lola isn't prioritising Lexi when she needs her the most, and they argue.

Lola is later overcome with emotion when she realises that Lexi still believes she will get better, and becomes further choked by her family's unwavering support.

After a hugely successful fundraiser, Lola asks Emma to join her and Lexi's girly night in.

lola pearce, jay mitchell, eastenders

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Emma awkwardly declines the offer, which raises alarm bells with Jay who fears that Emma is unable to cope with Lola's declining health.

Jay then confronts Emma over her commitment to Lola, but what will she decide to do?

EastEnders gave us a glimpse into the future with a flashforward scene last month, which strongly suggested that Lola won't be making it to Christmas.

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