EastEnders' Lola stunned by mysterious Emma twist

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Lola Pearce has been left stunned by Emma Harding mysteriously meddling in her life in EastEnders.

Viewers know that Emma is actually Lola's long-lost mother, having posed as a new salon client named Nicole to get closer to her daughter while visiting Walford.

Emma finally learned this week why Billy had tried to bring mother and daughter together when she discovered one of Lola's vlogs discussing her journey with terminal cancer.

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In Thursday's (February 2) episode, 'Nicole' returned to the salon – this time under the guise of needing to have her nails done. During the session, she once again quizzed Lola on her life.

Emma was furious to hear that her granddaughter was being picked on by another student, Maisie, over the vlogs Lola had been posting.

Later, Maisie was walking out the school gates when Emma rushed up to grab her backpack and deliver a threatening message.

"If you ever, ever upset Lexi again, you'll have me to answer to," Emma warned.

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Her meddling in Lola's life continued later when she surreptitiously dropped by No.18 to slip an envelope through the letterbox.

A carefree Lexi delivered the post to Lola later, leaving her mum to discover someone had dropped in £1,000 to "help" during "tough times".

Lola was alarmed that someone supposedly watching her vlog found out where she lived. As she rushed out to the street to ask if her neighbours had seen anyone hanging around, Lola missed one obvious sign.

In the distance, Emma stood silently watching her daughter and husband Jay trying to figure out where this money had come from.

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