EastEnders' Lola tells Lexi she's dying in tragic scenes

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has aired tragic scenes where Lola told daughter Lexi she is dying of cancer.

Lola and the extended Mitchell family had thus far managed to keep the full truth of her terminal cancer diagnosis from young Lexi, but have recently realised they needed to be honest with the child.

In scenes airing Tuesday (January 31), Lola steeled herself to be able to get through the most difficult conversation any parent could ever have with a child.

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"Sometimes, the doctors can't fix everything," Lola gently told her daughter. "This tumour in mummy's head, it's not going away."

When Lexi asked if that meant Lola would be "sick forever", she explained: "In a way, yeah. But, it turns out, that my 'forever' isn't going to be as long as we thought it was going to be.

"Everything that they're doing now is to give me more time with you, more time with everyone."

Poor Lexi suddenly realised that Lola was telling her she was going to die, with Lola clasping her hands and promising that she'd love her forever no matter how long she has left.

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Ben and Jay sat by, floored by Lola's bravery, and were stunned when tearful Lexi insisted she wanted to go to school rather than spend the day with them.

Jay rushed to Lola's side, hugging her and assuring her she'd done the right thing. Elsewhere, the soap picked up the strand of Lola's long-lost mum Emma as well.

When Billy Mitchell found Emma last week and begged her to come to the wedding, Emma refused and said her daughter was better off without her.

However, Emma was in Walford during Tuesday's episode and she approached Lexi on the playground to offer the distraught young girl some comforting words. Emma then booked in for an appointment at the salon for the following day — and personally requested Lola as her stylist!

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