EastEnders' Nish Panesar star teases explosive exit with cryptic message

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EastEnders' Navin Chowdhry has spilled the beans on his character Nish Panesar, hinting that he's "more dangerous than ever" ahead of an anticipated explosive departure from the show.

Chowdhry, who first appeared on our screens in 2022 as the menacing businessman, has quickly become one of Albert Square's most notorious baddies. As the head honcho of the Panesar family, Nish's reign has been rife with controversy, including attempted murder and domestic abuse against his wife Suki.

His storyline has been particularly tumultuous recently, following his dramatic return to the Square with a bombshell for his familyhe's terminally ill.

Earlier this year, Nish was ousted from the Panesar household, but he's now back in Walford, leaving his estranged family and neighbours reeling.

Initially, the Panesars were sceptical about welcoming him back, doubting the truth behind his terminal illness. However, it was soon disclosed that Nish is suffering from a severe heart condition caused by a virus, leading to a diagnosis of viral myocarditis, and he's in urgent need of a heart transplant, reports the Daily Star.

While Ravi, Nish's son, decided to bury the hatchet and support his father, Suki, his ex-wife, wasn't so forgiving. Vinny, another of Nish's sons, initially rejected him but eventually vowed to stand by his side, given the limited time they might have left together.

In a shocking turn of events, it turns out Vinny is deceiving Nish, conspiring with Suki to ensure he inherits the Panesar business empire.

Navin, the actor portraying a villain, has dropped tidbits of teasers about his explosive departure from the soap, leaving nothing off the table. In an interview with Radio Times, he foreshadowed: "It's up to the viewers what they choose to believe, but if illness is going to consume Nish, then he's not going to go quietly."

The actor mused over his character's potential mayhem, saying, "Look at what he did when he was of good health he behaved so recklessly and had no moral compass. There were no limits beforehand, imagine if he knew people are betraying him behind the scenes he's got nothing to lose and could be more dangerous than he's ever been.."

EastEnders Nish
EastEnders Nish

Remarkably, Navin admits that viewers often don't differentiate between his real-life persona and his on-screen character's villainous ways. This has even prompted stern conversations with producers.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he explained: "There have been moments when we've had scenes and I'll speak to the producer and I'll say, 'I'm going to have to go on the school run and you're making me beat up every woman on Albert Square'. I've been scared."

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