EastEnders quiz: Which legendary Albert Square villain are you?

Derek Branning is an iconic baddie in EastEnders
Derek Branning is an iconic baddie in EastEnders -Credit:BBC

Since EastEnders launched in 1985 there have been some pretty awful people come and go from Albert Square. The villains of the East End have kept viewers gripped with their scandal, criminal antics and murderous ways.

However, not all bad boys have gotten away with their despicable behaviour. Remember when Archie Mitchell was killed in The Queen Vic by Stacey Slater? Or when Andy Hunter was bumped off by Johnny Allen who threw him off a motorway bridge.

Throughout the decades there have been some nasty men terrorising Walford, but let's turn our attention to four other legendary villains. Big mouth Nick Cotton had been causing trouble since the first episode aired all those years ago until he died in 2015 - exactly 30 years after the character's debut.

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Meanwhile, Derek Branning gave his old dear 'friend' Pat Butcher the horrors when he arrived in Walford back in 2011. He was the older brother to Max and Jack Branning and never thought twice about winding people up. Derek famously had an affair with Kat Slater and was a general pain in the neck to most residents before he died of a heart attack in 2012.

In 2019, Gray Atkins rolled up to the Square as an extension to the Taylor/Baker family as he was married to gorgeous Chantelle. At first sight, the solicitor was a handsome and charming chap who cared for nothing more than his own family. Until his real personality surfaced and he was a cold bloodied murder.

Gray was last seen in March 2022 serving time for the murders of Chantelle, Tina and Kush - it will be a long time before he sees freedom again. Nish Panesar was welcomed into the arms of his wife Suki in 2022 when he was released from prison and moved to Walford.

Except, Nish is also a twisted killer who picks on his wife and tries to con whoever he can out of a quick business deal. But his whereabouts are currently unknown. So which Walford villain do you see yourself as? Take our test above and find out, but don't forget to let us know your result in the comments.

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