EastEnders' Reiss Colwell headed for dark twist as fans 'point out' detail about his comatose wife

Reiss visited his wife Debbie during Monday's episode of EastEnders
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

EastEnders fans are convinced Reiss Colwell's wife can hear everything he has been saying, including his plan to steal all of her money to fund IVF treatment with Sonia Fowler. Debbie Colwell has been comatose for some time after suffering a major stroke before Reiss ever came to Walford as a relative of Dot Cotton's.

Reiss is now in a relationship with Sonia but is also committed to supporting his wife who receives around the clock care at a home. Reiss and Sonia are longing to have a baby and have started IVF treatment which has so far been unsuccessful.

As Sonia already has a daughter, Bex, the couple have to self-fund their IVF journey so Reiss stole Debbie's savings to pay for it. But during Monday's trip to Walford (June 10), Reiss visited Debbie and explained he would need to take the rest of her cash to pay for more treatment.

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Reiss visits Debbie but he has a surprise visitor during Monday's episode of EastEnders
Reiss visits Debbie but he has a surprise visitor during Monday's episode of EastEnders -Credit:BBC

While holding her hand, he said: "I need to take the rest of the money now Debs, to give us a better chance. And if it works, and we're lucky enough to have a baby, this will be the first place we will visit. I swear."

Reiss was left shocked when he realised Bianca Jackson had followed him to Debbie's care home and had heard everything he had said. Bianca walked into the room and muttered 'Oh my god' as Reiss turned around to look at her.

However, some EastEnders fans think Bianca isn't the only one who heard what Reiss said as they are convinced Debbie can hear despite being in a coma, and when she wakes up Reiss will be in danger.

Bianca Jackson is left mortified in EastEnders
Bianca Jackson is left mortified in EastEnders -Credit:BBC

Taking to X, one person wrote: "I bet Debbie can hear everything Reiss is saying... #Eastenders @bbceastenders".

A second predicted: "When Debbie ends up knifing Reiss. Let Sonia and Jay get together and have a baby. They can both be boring as paint drying while having what they want most in the world: a baby."

A third chimed in with: "Reiss is going to take the rest of Debbie's money. Just wait until she wakes up. I bet she can hear what Reiss is saying. #EastEnders."

"I wonder if Sonia tries to have a baby with Reiss, Debbie recovers and Reiss tries to take Debbie and his and Sonia's baby away from Walford? #EastEnders", explained one viewer. "Ohhh Reiss is going into his dark era... #EastEnders, exclaimed another.

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