EastEnders shares first look at Cindy Beale's explosive return

michelle collins returns as cindy beale in eastenders
EastEnders reveals first look at Cindy's returnBBC

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has unveiled the first look at Cindy Beale's explosive return.

Michelle Collins is set to make her full-time return to Walford as part of an unmissable series of episodes beginning next Thursday (August 24) and continuing the following week, when Cindy returns to Albert Square for the first time in 25 years.

Cindy makes her way back to Walford after learning that son Peter Beale has come back to the Square. This comes at the same time as the Knight family are planning Anna's 21st birthday party.

michelle collins returns as cindy beale in eastenders

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Kathy is among the first to come face-to-face with Cindy, in a reunion for two characters who seemingly 'came back from the dead'. Much like Cindy, Kathy returned to Walford a few years ago after admitting to sons Ian and Ben that she'd had to fake her own death in South Africa.

Once Ian learns his former wife has come back home, it's not long before he follows — setting the stage for him to reunite with his fractured family after three years away from the Square.

George Knight will also be stunned to see his former wife once again, as he's desperately tried to stop his daughters Anna and Gina from making contact with her over fears she could put the family in danger.

michelle collins returns as cindy beale in eastenders

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The sudden reappearance of Cindy Beale is likely to come as a shock to long-time Walford residents too as they've believed she has been dead since 1998.

In reality, she went into witness protection shortly after the birth of her daughter, Cindy Williams, and started a secret family with future Vic barman George Knight under the name 'Rose'.

George has recently admitted to his family that 'Rose' walked out on their family years after an almighty row. Their daughter Anna has since hired a private detective to track 'Rose' down, leading to a long-awaited confrontation between the Beales and the Knights.

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