EastEnders shares more about Reiss Colwell's marriage

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has revealed more about Reiss Colwell's secret marriage, and there's more to it than we initially thought.

Sonia Fowler finally discovered earlier this week that Reiss has been keeping a huge secret that he is married to a woman called Debbie.

Reiss insisted he could explain himself, but Sonia made it crystal clear in Tuesday's (May 9) episode that she wanted him out of her life for good.

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Martin Fowler rushed to Sonia's side to comfort her, while Reiss was taken in by Eve Unwin and allowed to explain the truth about his marriage.

When Eve later encouraged Sonia to hear Reiss out, she eventually agreed to listen to the explanation. Instead of simply telling her about why he's still married, he decided to take Sonia to see his wife Debbie.

Sonia was moved to see that Debbie lives in a care home and is unresponsive due to suffering a stroke some time ago. Because she needs 24 hour care, Reiss has been frequently on the phone to her medical team.

This revelation softened Sonia's feelings and she admitted she had empathy for what Reiss and Debbie have gone through — especially since she's a nurse.

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While it looked like there may be hope for the couple, Sonia broke Reiss's heart by insisting she would be standing by her decision to end their relationship.

Natalie Cassidy has previously discussed whether Sonia is really through with Reiss, explaining: "When she orders him out of her life, it's more about that moment and feeling humiliated – it's her birthday and they were due to perform on stage in front of everybody in the Square – so everything quickly comes crashing down."

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