EastEnders' Sharon lashes out at Linda in brutal argument

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Sharon Watts lashed out at Linda Carter on EastEnders tonight, with Sharon fuming at Linda's betrayal .

In recent weeks, Linda has been entering negotiations in a bid to sell The Vic, with the owner playing both Sharon and Nish Panesar by not intending to sell to either of them.

In tonight’s (May 10) episode, Linda confessed to Alfie that she had been lying and actually had a mystery buyer lined up.

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With Suki and Nish believing they had sealed the deal to buy in to The Vic, Linda informed them that she had found another buyer, much to Suki’s anger. Nish, however, was more diplomatic, deeming it "just business".

Later in The Vic, Linda eventually also told Sharon of the new arrangement, covering herself by saying she had received an offer that very morning and that it was probably for the best as she didn't believe friends should go into business together.

With the Panesars believing that Sharon was the other buyer, both the family and Sharon realised they had been played by Linda. Nish soon announced to Sharon that the mystery buyer had been lined up for weeks and Linda's lies began to unravel in the pub in front of an audience.

Sharon became enraged at the last development, calling Linda "pathetic" as she had ample opportunity to inform her.

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Sharon's insults went to the next level as she lambasted herself for trusting "a drunk – or an ex-drunk".

As Sharon branded Linda a "sad, weak woman" and said she would cut ties with her, the identity of the buyer was finally revealed, with Linda's mother Elaine walking in and calling herself the new "Queen of the Vic"...

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