EastEnders' Sharon Watts takes revenge on Ravi Gulati

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Sharon Watts has taken revenge on Ravi Gulati in EastEnders.

Earlier this week, Sharon's partner Keanu Taylor was arrested at their son Albie's christening due to his newly-formed business relationship with Ravi to sell drugs.

This led to a dramatic confrontation between the two men that devolved into a physical fight where Ravi feared that he'd killed Keanu as he left him bleeding in the street.

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In Wednesday's (May 3) visit to Walford, Ravi rushed off to avoid being linked with Keanu's possible death — though Phil Mitchell happened to find Keanu and called an ambulance before it was too late.

As Keanu was rushed to hospital, his mum Karen Taylor took out her anger on Sharon by blaming her for Keanu having to turn back to crime.

"Trouble seems to follow you around like a fart," Karen insisted.

Bernie actually intervened to point out that Keanu was clearly involved in dodgy dealings that none of his loved ones actually knew anything about.

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Sharon took action by confronting Ravi and while she tore a strip off him, his father Nish Panesar realised his son was the person who attacked Keanu.

There was finally some good news though when Sharon and the Taylors were told by Keanu's doctors that he would make a full recovery. This blessing finally inspired the family feuding to end.

Meanwhile, Nish was in the middle of berating Ravi at Walford East for putting their business interests at risk once again — this time by getting involved with Keanu and the Mitchells.

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The police interrupted father and son's argument to formally arrest Ravi for attempted murder. As he was being led away, Phil was horrified to realise that Sharon had grassed on Ravi for revenge.

"You didn't. Tell me you didn't," Phil demanded to know.

Sharon simply smiled back at Phil while Ravi was cuffed and shoved into the back of a Walford PD car…

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