EastEnders spoilers: Zack destroyed by a bombshell secret, Ravi tries to kiss Denise

Zack is thrown an unexpected curveball on the BBC soap next week

Watch: Zack's big story begins on Eastenders...

January looks bleak for Zack on EastEnders next week. He's left reeling by news from an old acquaintance, plus Ravi and Denise get flirty.

It’s your guide to EastEnders spoilers for 9-13 January 2023.

Zack gets shock news

EastEnders,12-01-2023,6628,Zack Hudson (JAMES FARRAR);Sharon Watts (LETITIA DEAN),***EMBARGOED TILL 30TH DECEMBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Zack Hudson (JAMES FARRAR); Sharon Watts (LETITIA DEAN) (BBC)

Zack has been offered a job on a cruise ship and, thinking it’s what he wants, Whitney tells him to go for it. But Zack is soon given food for thought from Chelsea, who tells him that Whit doesn’t want him to leave.

An angry Zack tells Chelsea that he just wants to make money to support the baby, but in the end he calms himself and turns the job offer down – a move that leaves Whitney thrilled. However, Zack is set to be thrown a curveball thanks to the arrival in Walford by an old acquaintance by the name of Brett.

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As we’ll see, Sharon is set to interview Brett for a PT job at Crunch Time, only for Zack to warn her off from employing him. But during a heated confrontation between the two guys that sees Zack trying to scare the newcomer into leaving town, Brett drops a bombshell that turns his word upside down.

These are the big EastEnders spoilers for 9-13 January 2023. (BBC)
These are the big EastEnders spoilers for 9-13 January 2023. (BBC)

Zack then goes into denial about what he’s been told, hits the bottle and smashes a glass, cutting his hand in the process – an accident that results in him breaking down in tears. In the aftermath of the accident, Sharon tells her brother that she’s here for him whenever he decides to talk.

But by the week’s end, he remains a sobbing wreck after getting involved in another accident – this time in the Walford East kitchen.

Ravi tries to kiss Denise

EastEnders,10-01-2023,6626,Ravi Gulati (AARON THIARA);Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH),***EMBARGOED TILL 30TH DECEMBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Ravi Gulati (AARON THIARA); Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH) (BBC)

Denise wants to put the spark back into her marriage and gets a makeover from Lola, but it’s Ravi who seems most impressed when she arrives at Walford East to book a table for two. Might there be a frisson between the two of them?

Well, it seems so, as later in the week, Ravi and Denise are set to encounter each other again. This time, it’s in the aftermath of Nugget stealing a bottle of vodka from Suki’s shop and then getting drunk in the company of Amy, Denzel and Ricky Jnr. After Ravi lays down the law, Denise thanks him and praises his actions in front of Nish and Suki, who’ve been criticising him for being a pushover.

By Thursday, Jack finds himself at his wits’ end as regards Amy, who’s accusing Denise of not caring about her. Jack then snaps at Denise, who storms off in a fury and soon finds Ravi’s shoulder to cry on. After a flirty evening, Ravi goes in for a kiss on the way home, but what will Denise’s reaction be?

Lola makes an announcement

EastEnders,11-01-2023,6627,Lola Pearce (DANIELLE HAROLD);Jay Mitchell (JAMIE BORTHWICK),****EMBARGOED TILL 30TH DECEMBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Lola is sick of Jay and Billy fussing over her going back to work. Her argument is that she wants to enjoy the positive aspects to life while she can – her words giving Jay an idea.

The next day, Lola invites the family for a meal, but the likes of Billy, Ben and Callum are bracing themselves for an awful update. Lola and Jay, however, take great delight in announcing some surprising plans…

Can Jean and Harvey ease Stacey’s money worries?

EastEnders,12-01-2023,6628,Lily Slater (LILLIA TURNER);Stacey Slater (LACEY TURNER);Harvey Monroe (ROSS BOATMAN);Jean Slater (GILLIAN WRIGHT);Martin Fowler (JAMES BYE),***EMBARGOED TILL 30TH DECEMBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron
Lily Slater (LILLIA TURNER); Stacey Slater (LACEY TURNER); Harvey Monroe (ROSS BOATMAN); Jean Slater (GILLIAN WRIGHT); Martin Fowler (JAMES BYE) (BBC)

Stacey heads out to work, where she offloads to Eve about the Panesars putting their rent up.

Things then go from bad worse when the bap van breaks down, and Stacey worries about the expense of fixing it. And, later on, Lily overhears Stacey telling Jean that she’s not sure how they’re going to make it through financially.

By the week’s end, the Slaters want to mark Jean’s 60th birthday – but she orders Stacey not to throw a party: they can’t afford it. Harvey, however, then hits on an idea as to how the family’s money problems can be fixed.