EastEnders' Stacey Slater caught out over money theft

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Stacey Slater saw her troubles increase in tonight's episode, as she was finally caught out following her money theft from the office she was cleaning.

Stacey was already dealing with the news that her 12-year-old daughter Lily was pregnant, while Lily's dad Ryan cut her child support in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis. That led Stacey to make a desperate decision and she ended up stealing money from the office.

Tonight, Jean pieced together what happened and confronted her daughter, asking her if the wad of cash had been stolen from the office. Stacey denied all wrongdoing, and instead claimed Martin was making really good money working abroad.

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Jean seemed to believe her daughter and celebrated their new-found money, but guilt began to creep up on Stacey.

Stacey then received a phone call from Lily's school and it was revealed that Lily was being picked on. Stacey comforted her distraught daughter and promised her that she would always be there for her.

The incident clearly got to Stacey, who then began to worry that her theft would be found out and she would return to prison. She came clean and told Jean the truth.

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Later, while at their cleaning job, Stacey and Jean tried to carry out a plan to return the money to the office. Jean attempted to distract the security guard while Stacey snuck in and tried to return the wad of cash to the safe. But the security guard caught her.

The guard revealed he knew what she was up to but that he actually didn't care.

"I'm on your side, not the louts that work here. Look, us little people need to stick together," the guard said before propositioning her and asking her to go for dinner.

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Stacey tried to play nice but the guard became forceful and tried to kiss her. Stacey kneed him in the crotch and ran away with Jean before the guard could react.

Jean fretted that Stacey would get in trouble and, sure enough, Callum rocked up in a police car and informed Stacey that the guard had reported her to the police for both theft and assault.

"Stacey Slater, Mr. Alan Cope alleges that you common assaulted him on the grounds of Botten and Harper when he confronted you about money missing from the premises," Callum said.

Callum told Stacey to report at the police station the next morning. As the police car drove off, Jean ominously turned to Stacey and said: "You're going back to prison."

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