EastEnders star Brian Conley discusses showdown in Rocky story

EastEnders star Brian Conley has teased a dramatic turn in Rocky Cotton's romance with Kathy Beale as his wife comes to Walford.

Engaged to Kathy, Rocky has kept a tiny detail from her: he's still married to his first wife Jo, set to be played by Vicki Michelle in upcoming scenes.

"Rocky has tried to bury his past, like he does with so many things. I think he hoped deep down that it would just go away," Conley told Digital Spy and other press.

"Once again his back is against the wall, and he knows that eventually, unless he can get the situation sorted quietly behind Kathy's back, he is going to have to say something."

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A desperate Rocky opens up to Sonia Fowler, but the nurse played by Natalie Cassidy won't be too understanding.

Outraged over Rocky's lies to Kathy, Sonia threatens to spill the beans, but she U-turns when her boyfriend Reiss convince her to be more lenient towards Rocky.

"She does slowly sympathise with Rocky because of what Reiss says and I think she knows that Rocky really does love Kathy," Conley said of Sonia's reaction.

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Later on, Rocky asks Reiss to track down Jo. Dot's grandnephew enlists the help of Freddie, who's able to find Rocky's wife very quickly. But when he discovers who Jo is, Freddie takes his revenge by giving her Kathy's address.

Conley said Rocky is "devastated" as he spots Jo on Kathy's doorstep.

"He tries and diffuse things with comedy, to try and make things all wonderful and fluffy, but he hates having to confront the truth," the actor said.

"Once he sees Jo arrive, he knows that's it," he added.

"When Jo turns up on Kathy's doorstep, Rocky's not there at first as he's at the car lot, so he watches on in horror as Jo prepares to greet Kathy at the door. With Rocky knowing what Jo can be like, he knows that all hell is going to break loose."

Will Rocky's lies drive a wedge in his relationship with Kathy?

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