EastEnders star Cassidy shares aftermath of Sonia's big discovery about Reiss

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Natalie Cassidy has spoken about the impact of her character Sonia Fowler's shocking discovery about her partner Reiss Colwell.

In scenes airing next week, a heartbroken Sonia will discover that Reiss is married, walking in as Rocky demands to know why Reiss has been keeping his wife a secret from Sonia.

Addressing "naive" Sonia's emotions in the heat of the moment, Cassidy said: "It just happens so quickly and he just says it how it is and she thinks, 'oh my God'.

"I think it just hits her in the face like a tonne of bricks."

She added that Sonia doesn't "have any clue about what's going to happen", adding: "I think she trusts him, which explains why she's so hurt.

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"She perhaps thinks he's nipped out to get her another present or he might have just gone off to do something. I think she's quite naive to it all really."

Understandably, Sonia tells Reiss to leave, but is there any way they can repair things?

"When she orders him out of her life, it's more about that moment and feeling humiliated – it's her birthday and they were due to perform on stage in front of everybody in the Square – so everything quickly comes crashing down," Cassidy explained.

Jonny Freeman, who plays Reiss, previously discussed the fan theories surrounding his mysterious character. Feeling jealous, he had previously convinced Sonia to evict her lodger Jed.

"I think some people are still quite suspicious of Reiss and were quite suspicious of him with regards to the Jed storyline but equally, I guess it's a different type of relationship," he said.

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"It's a lot softer, which is the personality of Sonia and Reiss, so I think they're quite a good match."

As for Reiss's joy over getting together with Sonia, Freeman added: "Reiss went through a bit of a battle with Jed, which I think he probably thought he'd lose.

"He was under huge pressure to help Sonia get rid of him, and I think that took a lot of courage, but essentially, I think he's feeling quite triumphant."

Not anymore!

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