EastEnders star Jonny Freeman responds to fan theory about Reiss

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders actor Jonny Freeman has responded to all the fan reaction surrounding his character Reiss Colwell's relationship with Sonia Fowler.

Reiss was recently introduced to the BBC soap as a love interest, although there was a bit of drama where he got jealous of Sonia's new lodger Jed and convinced her to evict him.

Speaking about what he's heard from fans about his character, Freeman shared that most people are behind the relationship — but there are some theorising that there's still something dodgy about Reiss.

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"It's all been very positive," he said. "I think some people are still quite suspicious of Reiss and were quite suspicious of him with regards to the Jed storyline but equally, I guess it's a different type of relationship.

"It's a lot softer, which is the personality of Sonia and Reiss, so I think they're quite a good match."

Speaking about Reiss's state of mind now that he and Sonia are official, Freeman added: "He's feeling pretty delighted. Reiss went through a bit of a battle with Jed, which I think he probably thought he'd lose.

"He was under huge pressure to help Sonia get rid of him, and I think that took a lot of courage, but essentially, I think he's feeling quite triumphant."

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In scenes set to air next week, Reiss and Sonia discuss Kathy and Rocky's falling out. Following his encouragement, Sonia goes to Kathy and pleads for her to give Rocky another chance.

After that, she asks Reiss to come to Bangkok with her to see Bex. He says he's not sure it's a good idea, as he can't afford it. (In Freeman's words, he's "petrified".) But Sonia isn't fazed by his reaction.

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