EastEnders star Kellie Bright addresses Alfie and Linda romance theories

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Kellie Bright has opened up about the relationship between her character Linda Carter and Shane Richie's Alfie Moon.

The pair have become firm friends, with Alfie helping Linda get the pub back up and running after the disappearance of her ex-husband Mick.

However, upcoming scenes will see their relationship tested as Linda's mum — and the new Queen Vic co-owner — Elaine decides she doesn't want Alfie around.

"Linda's gutted really because Alfie's been so good to her, and she's just lost Sharon, so the last thing she wants is to lose her other really good mate," Kellie said.

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"She's terrified Alfie is not going to want to be her friend either," added Kellie. "Elaine is being very naughty because she's really got her own reasons for wanting Alfie gone."

And while some fans may be keen to see Linda and Alfie go in a romantic direction, for Kellie, the friendship between the pair is really important and she'd like to see that continue.

"I think it's really nice to have men and women friendships in a show like ours. Those dynamics usually lead to something else, and actually, I think it is really strong and important to see a platonic relationship between a man and a woman," she said.

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"Weirdly, they did have a bit of a kindred spirit thing going on because of his loss of Kat to Phil and her loss of Mick to Janine. They could really connect over that. I think their friendship's great, so I would like it to continue."

Last year, Shane Richie also shut down rumours that there could be anything more than a platonic friendship between Linda and Alfie.

"How other people read into that is really interesting — it's interesting that when two blokes are like that or two women, it's friendship, but for some reason, on Albert Square, a male and a female can't be really good mates, but I'm hoping we break that cycle and show they can be," he said.

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