EastEnders star Kellie Bright talks Linda Carter being caught out

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Kellie Bright has shared her thoughts on the possibility of Linda Carter being caught out for murder.

Linda has been on her toes ever since Christmas Day, when the big reveal of what exactly happened with The Six resulted in viewers discovering that she was the person responsible for killing Keanu Taylor.

Linda has been trying to quell her feelings of guilt ever since, with the five witnesses - Denise Fox, Stacey Slater, Sharon Watts, Suki Panesar and Kathy Beale - all helping her to conceal the crime.

linda carter, eastenders

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Recent developments have seen Nish Panesar attempt to discover the group's secret, with Bright theorising about what could happen to Linda should he find out the truth.

"I think in some ways, Linda would be relieved if she got found out," Bright told TV Times. "As much as she is covering this up because she doesn't want to leave her children, on some level she believes she deserves to be punished, which is why she's drinking again.

"I think she thinks there is something inherently dark and wrong with her."

She added: "The only thing I can get my head into ... is thinking of an ink blot in her soul that is gradually seeping and getting bigger and bigger; that blackness where you can't wash it out. It's a bit Lady Macbeth."

linda carter, eastenders

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Bright, who began playing Linda in 2013, also assessed her character's chances if she were to be placed behind bars, saying: "What would break her would be leaving her children. Because even when she's drinking, she can justify that and think 'Yeah, but I'm still here. I'm still being their mum.'

"She would lose them to a certain degree, because she would not be there while they grew up. I think that's the thing that would break her, not actually being in prison."

Linda's fears could become a reality following recent scenes, in which Nish began to regather his memories from Christmas Day, with the businessman threatening his estranged wife Suki into handing over their properties.

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