EastEnders star Michelle Collins admits confusion over Cindy Beale twists

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Michelle Collins has admitted that she is often left confused by the numerous twists in Cindy Beale’s storyline.

The actor returned to the BBC soap in August after 25 years away, with Cindy shocking the residents of Walford as she arrived alive and well after being presumed dead.

It was later revealed that she was in fact the ex-husband of George Knight, with matters being complicated further as she reunited with her previous husband Ian.

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Recent scenes have seen Cindy back up to her old tricks after attempting to rekindle her romance with George, but fans – and Collins herself – were left stunned after she kissed Junior, George’s estranged son from another relationship.

“She’s [Cindy] become everything that we’re told as women not to be,” reflected Collins during an appearance on This Morning. “She’s insecure, overly emotional, loves too much and acts before she thinks about things.

“But I think that situation [the kiss with Junior] happened last night after she’d been rejected by George, and she’s going through a bad time with Ian. I don’t think she manipulated it, but I don’t think Junior did either. They’ve both been rejected by George.”

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Collins, who has also starred in rival ITV soap Coronation Street, also outlined her thoughts on her character as well as her worries about returning to the show after such a long time away, which included the evil side of Cindy.

“I don’t understand her and I’m playing her. I have to get my head around: ‘Why does she do these things?’” said Collins. “It was a worry of mine when I went back, do people want Cindy? They do, they want bad Cindy, not good Cindy.”

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