EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy proudly shows off grey hair and says ‘it doesn’t matter’

Natalie Cassidy flaunted her grey as she told fans “it doesn’t matter” in a new video.

The EastEnders star, 39, proudly revealed her grey roots as she filmed herself returning home early from filming the BBC soap this week.

In the clip posted on Instagram, Cassidy was seen wearing a bold pink furry coat and a pair of oversized round sunglasses, as she shared her delight at seeing the bright afternoon sun.

"I thought to myself ‘Can I post today?’ Just got home from work...I’m very, very lucky, I finished early today,” Cassidy began the video.

She then pulled her hair back and said: "Bit grey...ah who cares? Doesn’t matter, does it?”

Cassidy continued: "I just had to do this, I know it’s boring, I’m squinting - the sun is out!

"How much better does it make you feel?! Thank you! Yes please we’ll have some more of you! Don’t shy away from it!

"Come and see it, we all feel excellent today because of you. Glorious! See you later."

Fans praised the actress for showing off her grey following the affirming video.

The EastEnders star’s new video comes as she is training for the London Marathon (Natalie Cassidy)
The EastEnders star’s new video comes as she is training for the London Marathon (Natalie Cassidy)

One follower wrote: “Love you so much, you are so real and you make me smile, thank you. "

A second said: “The best lady in show business. Nothing fake and that is as uplifting as the sun!! You are an inspiration to all "real" women xxx”.

A third fan commented: "You make my day xx thank you xx."

Another added: "You’re so lovely and down to earth."

Last month, Cassidy revealed on social media that she is training to run this year’s London Marathon.

The star announced to her 200,00 Instagram followers: “I’ve just ran five miles. I’m not going to be one of those people this year who is like ‘hi guys so good to get out running.’

"We all know it’s good to get out walking, running or whatever but I am proud of myself today because I’ve only been doing 5k’s and today I did the five miles. I’m training for the Marathon."

Cassidy ran the marathon for the first time back in 2019, along with her EastEnders co-stars for a Dementia campaign in honour of late Albert Square legend Barbara Windsor.