EastEnders star "violently sick" after eating daffodils

Former EastEnders actress Michelle Collins has shared details of a cooking calamity that left her rushing to the bathroom after accidentally eating some daffodils.

The soap star, who is well-known for playing Cindy Beale in EastEnders and Stella Price in Coronation Street, opened up to hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard about her culinary mishap on Thursday’s (March 2) instalment of Good Morning Britain.

The topic arose as the GMB presenters began discussing a news story about British supermarket chain Marks & Spencer being criticised on social media for placing daffodils in a section of a store where they could be mistaken for spring onions.

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While Shephard seemed baffled that someone could mix up the two items, Collins confessed she had made the error in the past.

"Well, I was doing these very silly cooking videos in lockdown and I was doing a stir-fry," Collins began. "I went to the supermarket, a well-known supermarket, and brought home what I thought was a spring onion.

"I cooked it, chopped it up, put it in the wok, had a few tastes and the next thing I was running to the loo and was violently, violently sick."

michelle collins
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"So, you made that mistake because they were close to each other?" Ben questioned. "You mistook the daffodil for a spring onion?"

"And everyone just thought I was completely crazy and I was like, 'But look, put them together!'," Collins explained. "I actually put a picture up of them together and they do, especially when they’re only buds, they do look similar.

"So, I’m so pleased that someone else has made that mistake. It wasn’t just me."

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After botanist and food presenter James Wong tweeted a picture appearing to show some daffodils positioned next to spring onions in a branch of Marks & Spencer, the supermarket issued an apology.

Daffodils contain the toxic chemical lycorine, which if consumed can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

"Customer safety is our priority and our British daffodils are clearly labelled with an on-pack warning that they are not safe to consume," a spokesperson for Marks and Spencer said. "This was a genuine error in one of our stores and as a precaution, we are reminding all stores to make sure the flowers are displayed properly. We apologise for any confusion caused."

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