EastEnders star Zaraah Abrahams explains Chelsea's new love triangle

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Zaraah Abrahams has opened up about her character Chelsea Fox's new love triangle on the soap.

New scenes airing next week will see Chelsea grow closer to Ravi Gulati, all while mum Denise tries to play matchmaker between her and Keanu Taylor.

Speaking about her flirtatious connection to Ravi, the actress noted that "he’s quite mysterious and he’s very confident".

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"He shows a consistent interest in her and he’s not too full-on but he’s constantly teasing her with flirtatious behaviour," Zaraah said.

"He seems to be doing well for himself too – he’s got the business and he seems to be taking care of his son. So I think all of these things make her think, ‘Hmm.. OK!’."

The actress explained that there aren't any genuine feelings "to begin with", quipping: "But you’ve got to start somewhere!"

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During the scenes, Denise sets Chelsea on a date with Keanu, which she agrees to. Zaraah said of Chelsea's feelings towards Keanu: "I think she feels as though he’s a loving, warm, caring person and one she’s quite attracted to.

"He’s very gentle but I also think she feels like he may have unfinished business with his past which makes her feel like she can’t fully give it a chance."

When deciding between the two for her character, the actress admitted it was "difficult", though suggested that Chelsea was more drawn towards Ravi.

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"He lends more to her history in terms of his ‘bad boy’ image, even though she thinks she would like a really soft and kind-hearted person."

While on a date with Keanu, Ravi is keen on pursuing Chelsea.

"It gives [Chelsea] a bit of a confidence boost and it makes her feel like she should really think about the choices that are offered to her," Zaarah explained. "It makes her feel like she’s still got it!"

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