EastEnders' Theo is finally caught out as Lily gives birth

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has aired a dramatic episode where Theo Hawthorne was caught out while Lily Slater was giving birth.

The terrifying stalker's months of lies and manipulation were finally exposed in Tuesday's (September 5) episode, when he held Stacey captive while she was supposed to be at daughter Lily's side during childbirth.

Nobody in the Slater family knew where Stacey was, so Jean Slater had to step in and coach Lily through the birthing process in the front room. At the same time, Theo had cornered Stacey in the kitchen of No.31 and unleashed a vicious verbal attack that frightened Stacey to the core.

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Stacey went for Theo, screaming at him to get out of her house. Eve and Martin arrived just in time to stop Theo from harming Stacey, revealing to Stacey that he's done this kind of stalking before.

"He's gonna go down for it," Martin vowed.

Stacey shocked Martin by telling him to let Theo go for now and get him out of the house. Stacey rushed to Lily's side to coach her through delivery.

Eve desperately called for an ambulance, but when she found out it was still ten minutes away, they all realised Lily would have to give birth at home. Several minutes later, the whole family were overcome with joy when Lily delivered a healthy baby daughter.

Once the Brannings arrived at the hospital, Ricky Jr and Lily shared the news that they'd decided to name their daughter Charlie Branning Slater — after Charlie XCX, not Uncle Charlie Slater.

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Ricky thrilled Jack with the news that he was changing his surname to Branning as well, because he'd always felt "more like a Branning than a Mitchell" and he wanted his daughter to feel the same.

During a private moment, Jack found out about Theo stalking Stacey but remained frustrated when Martin insisted they'd deal with Theo themselves.

Once Martin and Stacey were alone, she collapsed into his arms as the gravity of Theo's stalking finally hit her. Will the Slaters turn Theo in for his evil crimes?

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