EastEnders unveils aftermath of Kathy Beale's shock arrest

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has unveiled the aftermath of Kathy Beale's shocking arrest over the café fire.

New photos released by the BBC from Tuesday's (November 14) episode reveal a shocking confrontation between Rocky Cotton and his best mate Harvey Monroe.

Harvey knows that Rocky was planning to stage a fire in the café to get insurance money, though Rocky's wife Kathy is the one who has been arrested for suspected arson.

eastenders harvey confronts rocky
eastenders harvey confronts rocky

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These shocking scenes follow on the heels of a dramatic cliffhanger where Kathy was arrested by Walford Police in connection to the fire.

Rocky had started the fire at Kathy's café in hopes of getting enough money to pay off his debt to local crime boss Nish Panesar.

His actions had unintended consequences as both Peter and Bobby Beale were hospitalised when they tried to put out the fire.

In Monday's (November 13) episode, Rocky was racked with a guilty conscience as Peter remained on life support in the hospital.

kathy beale, eastenders

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There was still trouble in the family as Cindy Beale angrily blamed Kathy for putting Peter in the hospital, leading to a heart-to-heart conversation between Cindy and ex-husband George at the Vic.

After George served Cindy some home truths about her own track record as a mother, she went back to the hospital apparently to make peace with Kathy.

However, Monday night's episode finished with the implication that Cindy may have tipped off police to her suspicions about her mother-in-law when Kathy was arrested at the hospital.

Will Rocky actually let his innocent wife go down for arson?

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