'Eat My Butt Bridgerton:' While The Boys Is Still Dominating On Amazon Prime, There's A New Show On The Streamer Its Creator Wants You To Watch

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Credit: Amazon Prime

You probably wouldn't expect the superhero satire The Boys to have a lot in common with the historical(ish) romantic comedy show My Lady Jane. However, they're actually similar in a bunch of ways. Both subvert the genres they’re in, both are wicked funny, both can be vulgar, and they share an executive producer/writer. Now, Eric Kripke, the creator of The Boys, is speaking out about Amazon Prime’s newest entry on the 2024 TV schedule while his show is dominating, and he’s urging everyone to watch it in the most on-brand way possible, which includes writing the sentence “Eat my butt Bridgerton.

Currently, The Boys Season 4 is dominating, and it sits at the top of Prime Video’s top ten. People with Amazon Prime subscriptions can’t get enough of the supes show, and each week they’re rocked by the unexpected (and often gross) stories. Now, the series' creator has a new recommendation for viewers, and his argument – which he posted on X – is very convincing:

Considering My Lady Jane is a period romance, and Bridgerton Season 3 just dominated (and now the speculation about Bridgerton Season 4 has amped up) over the last few weeks, it makes sense why Kripke mentioned the regency romance while talking about Amazon’s newest addition. It’s also important to note that he meant this as a compliment, as he responded to a concerned comment on X with:

I meant "eat my butt" in a good way

All around, I think Kripke’s kind words are a very appropriate way to recommend My Lady Jane. The series follows Lady Jane Grey (who was a real person) as she is forced into marriage and unexpectedly becomes queen. However, the show flips history on its head, and as the opening narration states, while history tells the story of her dying shortly after her rule began, they're rewriting that tale:

Jane could have been the leader England needed. But instead, history remembers her as the ultimate damsel in distress. Fuck that. What if history were different?

The “fuck that” mentality is what makes The Boys and My Lady Jane similar, in a way. They share a sense of humor and they love to subvert expectations. That’s partially because Meredith Glynn, the showrunner of the new Amazon romance, was also an executive producer and writer on Kripke’s shows too.

Glynn and Kripke actually go way back. She wrote 16 episodes and executive produced 86 episodes of Supernatural. Then she continued her collaboration with him on The Boys -- where she produced 13 episodes and wrote Season 3's "Glorious Five Year Plan." Now, she gets to take everything she's learned from those and apply them to My Lady Jane as the showrunner, EP and writer, and boy did she do a good job!

I adore both projects, and it's because they take their given genres and flip them on their heads. They're edgy, fun and irresistible, and I can't get enough!

As someone who has seen all of My Lady Jane’s first season and The Boys, I truly couldn’t agree more with Eric Kripke. Both shows rule and they’re two of the best series on Amazon Prime, in my opinion. If you like a good time, you should check them out. As Eric Kripke said, “WATCH IT!”