eBay debuts AI-powered background tool to enhance product images

eBay’s newest AI feature allows sellers to replace image backgrounds with AI-generated backdrops. The tool is now available for iOS users in the U.S., U.K., and Germany. It’ll gradually roll out to Android users over the coming months.

Following in Amazon’s and Google’s footsteps, the e-commerce company announced on Tuesday the launch of its new AI-powered background-enhancement tool, which automatically removes image backgrounds and replaces them with a backdrop of your choosing, such as having the product sit on a fancy-looking tabletop or a colorful background that reflects your specific brand. Amazon and Google released similar tools for advertisers last year, letting brands leverage generative AI to create new product imagery.

eBay’s background-enhancement tool could benefit sellers who lack the equipment or skills to take professional-looking or high-quality photos. It may also improve on eBay’s previous offering, which used computer vision technology to give listing photos a simple, white background. The new AI feature is powered by the open source model Stable Diffusion.

The latest announcement comes a year after eBay introduced an AI feature that generates titles and descriptions for a product listing.