Eco-friendly coffee shop introduces edible cups to cut down on waste

An eco-friendly coffee shop has introduced edible cups - to cut down on waste. Zero Green in Bristol has begun serving hot drinks in a wafer cup - which can be eaten when the drink has gone. The 'Cupffee' cups are made from a thicker version of an ice cream cone and taste similar. They last long enough before they go soggy and thin biodegradable paper sleeve holder is leftover - but can be recycled. It is an environmentally friendly way to comply with a ban on single use plastics set to come into law on October 1. The cups were developed by Bulgarian retailer Cupffee and designed to hold a hot drink for around 40 minutes before being consumed. A Zero Green barista told Bristol Live: “It’s made from wheat and barley and it’s very much like a sort of thick ice cream wafer, so it’s got that kind of slightly nutty, wheat-y taste. “It’s a good zero waste option. We also, obviously, fill any cups that anyone brings in because reuse is better than use once, but this is as close to a zero-waste cup as we can get.”