Ed Sheeran slams London's chippies as 'overrated' — and says he's eaten 'fish cum'

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

Bad Habits star Ed Sheeran has slammed traditional fish and chips shops as overrated, saying the dish doesn’t work unless diners can “see the sea.”

Asked by Topjaw, the popular Instagram interview platform, to name London’s “most overrated” restaurant, the singer told presenter Jesse Burgess: “One of my beliefs is that you should always be able to see the sea when you have fish and chips, so anywhere that does traditional fish and chips in London. It’s like getting sushi in Alabama.”

In the two-minute clip, Sheeran, a self-described “sushi head”, also told a seemingly alarmed Burgess that he had unintentionally eaten “this testicle full of fish cum” during a visit to Japan, after not knowing what shirako was. Shirako, considered a delicacy, is the fish's milt, or sperm sacs, and typically comes from cod, anglerfish, blowfish, or salmon.

The Galway Girl singer also admitted to after gig parties at his Notting Hill bar Bertie Blossoms, breaking TopJaw’s “no self noms” rule. Sheeran told Burgess: “It is actually where I go after gigs... all my gigs; we have after parties there.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sheeran revealed he is a big fan of Whiskey & Seaweed at Core by Clare Smyth, a restaurant which has three Michelin stars, praising its “great cocktails, great beers, great wine selection”.

But the singer seemingly hasn’t forgotten his roots, adding that his favourite budget option is Wetherspoons, which he revealed he often visits at the airport.

“I used to live in Guildford and the burger with a beer and fries was about £3 then,” Sheeran said. “Probably a bit more now, innit. Inflation.”

Other subjects covered include his favourite bakery, his favourite pub, and his hot sauce, Tingly Ted, as well as his favourite local Italian.

Topjaw recently divided viewers with an interview with Times restaurant critic Giles Coren, who named the Southampton Arms as his favourite pub. “I used to go to it when it was a proper pub, when it had fruit machines, and a soggy carpet floor and a stripper at 3pm and they sent around a pint jar you put the pounds in.

“3pm on a Monday! When else do you want to see tits?” he told an incredulous Burgess.

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