Ed Sheeran Supports Sacha Baron Cohen By Refusing To Release 'Grimsby' Song

Over the last few years Ed Sheeran has become pretty good pals with actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who has made a name for himself through controversial characters including Borat and Bruno.

Now the red-haired singer has showcased his support for the star by refusing to release his new song ‘Brother’s Blood’, or making it available to download or stream so that fans can only hear it when it appears in Sacha’s new film 'Grimsby’.

The track won’t even appear on the movie’s soundtrack.

Ed’s move means that fans will need to watch the comedy film in order to hear the song.

Speaking about the two’s friendship, a source told The Sun: “Sacha and Ed have become big pals over the past few years. During Ed’s early days Sacha wasn’t really familiar with his work. He had no idea who he was when they were introduced.

"But they’re both creative geniuses and have an obvious connection on that front, agreeing to help each other out where possible.”

'Brother’s Blood’ is likely to be the only chance Ed Sheeran fans will have to hear new material for the forseeable future as Ed doesn’t plan on releasing any new music until the end of this year.