Eddie Hall smashes world record for hardest ever punch

Former world's strongest man Eddie Hall has set a new world record for the hardest ever punch. The Beast, from Clayton, shattered the record set by UFC star Alex Pereira just two weeks earlier.

Eddie raised his arms in celebration in a video shared by TNT Sports after realising that he beat the score of Pereira to go top of the PowerKube league. The machine measures the power of a single strike, with a padded target hooked up to a computer and data delivered in real time.

Pereira had obliterated UFC champion Francis Ngannou's seven-year record on the PowerKube, scoring 191,796 units of power to land the hardest punch in the world earlier this month.

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But Eddie blew them all out the park after setting a new landmark high with a staggering 208,901 on the machine.

Eddie, 36, won the World's Strongest Man contest in 2017 in Botswana and retired from his strongman career the following year. He has since been involved in boxing and was supposed to make his MMA debut in February. Eddie was due to fight Mitchell Hooper - who won last year's World's Strongest Man - before the event was postponed.

Eddie's strongman buddy Brian Shaw witnessed his record-breaking feat, and fans were left in awe. "Bro casually breaking records," one comment read.

"Just think if he got the proper whip on it too," a second user added. "Imagine the force Pereira would have generated at the same body fat percentage as Eddie though," a final user wrote.

Weighing in at 230lb when not training for a fight, Pereira stands shorter than Eddie, who weighs in around 360lb, a figure that reached a staggering 430lb during his strongman career. Eddie revealed missing out on a 'life-changing' financial opportunity when his planned fight fell through, a bout that would have also seen Brian Shaw compete against Martyn Ford.

"I've been training for an MMA fight for the last, I'm going to say six months of my life and I'm sure you've heard the news, seen other articles, big Brian Shaw has talked about it. Don't know quite what went wrong but the fight fell through. It was big money, it was life-changing money," Eddie explained on his YouTube channel.

"That's why I took the contract. Me and Brian being family men, we want to secure our futures, make everything financially secure for our children, our great grandchildren etc. We took this deal, we had a contract in place and it all just fell through. It's just one of those things."

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