Eddie Izzard launches bid to become Labour MP in Brighton

Comedian Eddie Izzard has launched a bid to become a Labour MP in Brighton at the next general election.

The 61-year-old announced she was joining the race to become the Brighton Pavillion candidate, saying she wants to help the city continue to be at the “forefront of change”.

Caroline Lucas, the UK’s only Green Party MP, has held the seat since 2010, but announced in June she would be standing down at the next election.

It comes after Ms Izzard tried unsuccessfully to become Labour's candidate in Sheffield Central last year.

Making the announcement via her website, Ms Izzard said she was standing to “support this brilliant city and its diverse and vibrant community.”

She said: “Brighton is a city at the forefront of change and I want to help it to continue to make that change.

“Whilst the Tories stoke fear and encourage culture wars, Brighton has shown the country another way; Open-minded and welcoming to all, with a thriving arts, creative and cultural scene. Imaginative, energetic and full of entrepreneurial spirit.

“For 13 years the Tories have tried to drag us down. Police numbers, cut. Fewer dentists, doctors and nurses. A rail network grinding to a halt, and sewage dumping into the sea. Hiking the cost of everything and holding Brighton back. And we all saw what happened under the Green Council — house building stalled whilst rubbish piled high in the streets.”

Eddie Izzard arriving for the London premiere of Moonage Daydream at the BFI Imax Waterloo in London, September 2022 (PA)
Eddie Izzard arriving for the London premiere of Moonage Daydream at the BFI Imax Waterloo in London, September 2022 (PA)

Ms Izzard pledged to take “practical action” rather than “protest” to “fix what’s broken”, committing to fight for a “fairer-greener-cleaner planet.”

“Reaching out and lifting people up, is at the heart of my politics. I believe in making connections – not breaking connections. So please join me — get in touch, get involved and let’s make Brighton Pavillion Labour again”, she added.

At the last general election in 2019, Ms Lucas achieved a 57.2 per cent vote share, equating to 33,151. Meanwhile, Labour candidate Adam Imampour received 22.8 per cent, representing 13,211 votes respectively.

Following Ms Lucas’ announcement that she would be standing down at the next election, the Green Party selected former co-leader Sian Berry to stand after she won 71 per cent of first preference votes.

Ms Berry was co-leader of the party alongside Jonathan Bartley between 2018 and 2021, labelling her task to seek re-election in Brighton Pavilion an “enormous responsibility.”

“Brighton Pavilion needs a Green MP in Parliament representing all the people across this wonderful constituency, and I can promise every voter in Brighton Pavilion that I will work every moment between now and the general election to win their trust and support”, she said after her candidacy was announced last month.

Elsewhere, the Liberal Democrats said that it would begin the selection process for its candidate in September, whilst the Conservative Party has yet to announce any details of its selection process for the seat.