Edinburgh Airport chaos as massive queues to check-in snake outside building

Huge queues formed outside the airport
-Credit: (Image: Supplied)

Edinburgh Airport was hit by pandemonium on Saturday, June 29, as holidaymakers were engulfed in massive queues, with some travellers reporting they had to wait outside the terminal building just to check in for their flights.

The airport was swamped with passengers eager to start their summer holidays, but many were left frustrated and venting their ire on social media over the lengthy delays.

Edinburgh Airport acknowledged the congestion, admitting to Edinburgh Live that "wait times were longer than expected" and expressed gratitude to those affected for their patience.

Social media was abuzz with complaints about the service disruptions. One disgruntled passenger posted: "Absolute chaos at Edinburgh Airport. Queues for the desks snaking out of the terminal and round in a spiral. We have been waiting for nearly an hour and we're still outside".

Another affected traveller shared their ordeal with Edinburgh Live around 2.45pm, saying: "We have literally just checked in and on our way to security now. It took us almost two hours to get through the queue", reports Edinburgh Live.

They added a note about their disrupted travel plans: "This is after we had our holiday to Tunisia cancelled by EasyJet on Thursday at last minute so it's been a week."

In response to the turmoil, a spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport commented: "Wait times were longer than we would expect at check-in during the peak time and we drafted in our own teams as extra support to help our partners, with the situation now improving."

They continued, reassuring passengers: "Passengers are thanked for their patience as teams continue to work hard to keep everyone moving as quickly as possible."

On Thursday, we highlighted that several EasyJet flights were cancelled in the morning due to 'air traffic control restrictions. ' The airline extended its apologies to affected customers and offered them options to either change their flights or request a refund.

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