Edinburgh ambulance technician leaving capital after thieves raid vehicle

A hero ambulance worker who had a tent box nicked from his car said he's so fed up with 'out of control' thefts, he's moving out of Edinburgh.

Ambulance technician Chris Philip, went to check his tent box on Thursday, after spotting a Facebook post by a woman who reported hers had been stolen from her car.

Chris raced out of his girlfriend's home and discovered that the £1,200 tent box he'd saved up for was taken, the day before he was due to go on a trip with it.

He has since seen CCTV footage that showed the thieves making off with the tent box on Dalgety Avenue, Meadowbank area of the city at 1.15am on Thursday, Edinburgh live reports.

Chris said: “I woke up and read a post on the Morningside community Facebook page and saw that someone had their tent box stolen. I didn’t even tie my shoe laces before I ran outside to look and it was gone.

“I’d parked it about 100 yards away after I finished my night shift. The funny thing is I had only ever used it once to test it out in my sister’s driveway but was planning to go away to Glenshee on Thursday with it.

“I bought it over Christmas as a little treat for myself as I love travelling around Scotland, going to the Cairngorms regularly and generally exploring as a hobby when I’m not working. I’ve lived in Edinburgh on and off for about ten years.

“It is a beautiful place to be, but my initial thought after the theft was that I needed to get out of the city. We are looking at houses but the theft is the final nail in the coffin.

“I love having Arthur Seat on my doorstep but I just want out now, it is sad. These things can happen anywhere but it just feels like this sort of thing is getting out of control.”

It's understood the thieves used mechanical equipment to cut the box loose quickly, as it was bolted to the top of the car.

Ambulance at A&E
Ambulance at A&E -Credit:PA

Chris added that he had heard of at least two other tent box thefts in Edinburgh in 48 hours before his own was swiped. The out-of-pocket tech urged anyone with a tent box to get insurance.

“A few at the ambulance station have asked me about buying one but I told them not to bother as I had security nuts and everything but it was still stolen. Unless you have your own driveway and security I think it is too much of a gamble."

“Sadly I did not have insurance for it but I would urge anyone who has a tent box to get some as well as an air tag. The nuts were so close to the roof but it looks like the thieves used mechanical equipment to remove it as there were no marks.

“I’m going to have to revert back to camping when I travel. Someone asked if I will buy a replacement but I said absolutely not. I’m too paranoid now and I do not think the fear is worth it.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Around 11.45am on Thursday, 2 May, 2024 we received a report of theft from a vehicle on Dalgety Avenue, Edinburgh. Enquiries are at an early stage."

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