Edinburgh gran 'won't have to worry about turning on heating' after lottery win

Evelyn Evans, 74
Evelyn Evans, 74 -Credit:Supplied

An Edinburgh gran says she 'won't have to worry about putting the heating on again' after winning a quarter of a million pounds.

Evelyn Evans, bagged a share of £1m in the People's Postcode Lottery - doubling her winnings thanks to playing with two tickets. She said she 'didn't sleep' the night she got the phone call and forced herself to stay grounded.

The 74-year-old who grew up in Inch in Edinburgh, but now lives in Warwickshire, previously said she has no plans to retire but admitted to Edinburgh Live that the winnings have provided her with a 'sense of security'.

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The 74-year-old said she almost didn't answer the phone after being contacted on Monday, April 15.

She said: "My mind just started racing after I got the call and I didn't sleep that night.

"I knew it was an Edinburgh number straight away but sometimes when I am working from home I don't pick up every call that I don't recognise because I am busy. However, I did worry that it may be a family member.

"It was so surreal but I just had to stay grounded. I never thought for one second that it would be my postcode but weird things do happen but it just didn't ring true when they first told me.

"During my time of life, £250,000 mainly just gives you that extra level of security. It doesn't feel lifechanging but it's an amazing amount to have and I feel so lucky. I don't need to worry about having the heating on or when the car needs its next service.

"It's just given me that piece of mind really". The 74-year-old shares the win with her seven neighbours who all live in a retirement village.

She has said that she can't wait for the winnings to go into her bank account, and is already planning a big family holiday next year.

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She said: "I was a wreck when I first found, I was absolutely terrified. I was pacing up and down until they turned up. It's honestly the unknown of it all.

"My next door neighbour also won and she is 93. It's just been such a nice thing to have happened within our complex.

"It still doesn't really ring true to be honest but we are planning a big holiday next year already. I can't wait for it to go into my bank and for me to be able to see it although I still don't think I will believe it's true".