Edinburgh residents concerned after catching people 'luring cats into cars' on CCTV

A hooded individual was seen attempting to "lure a cat into a car"
A hooded individual was seen attempting to "lure a cat into a car" -Credit:Supplied

Residents in Edinburgh have shared concerns after catching hooded individuals "attempting to lure cats into cars using treats".

One incident was caught on CCTV in the Muirhouse area, which shows someone walking along the street with a treat in hand leading a cat. One resident said the individual "almost got their cousin's cat" but it got away.

It's understood that two individuals, a male and a female, were seen in the area on May 4 and 5.

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The resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, said: "Silver car in video is not the car.

"Muirhouse area, male and female seen in a silver estate car trying to lure cats into the car using treats. Police have been and they have been warned, but were seen yesterday and today.

"Almost got my cousin's cat, but it got away thank god. Hope they get caught ASAP, those poor cats.

"Makes me sick."

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This comes after Traitors winner Meryl Williams stopped a "cat abduction" in Niddrie on Saturday. She saw a group of people carrying a feline who looked like it "didn't want to be there".

She questioned them, and was told they had found the animal wandering around the Co-op and were bringing it "to their nanas".

Not believing their story, Meryl told a white lie and said she worked for the SSPCA and would take the cat. She said she'd "rather have the cat than leave it with these people".

Speaking on TikTok, Meryl said: “I have just stopped a cat abduction.

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“I had this gut feeling just to stop it. So, I kept on going back around and nearly caused about three crashes because I was following them. So, I followed them down the side street jumped out my car and I was like ‘is that your cat?’ They said they found it, and they were going to take it to their nana's house.

“So I asked again ‘is that not your cat?’. I lied and said ‘I work for the SSPCA and if it’s not your cat, then I’ll take it.

“I felt at this point, I felt I’d rather have the cat than it be with these people. Clearly the cat was not happy.

Police Scotland have been approached for comment.