Edinburgh taxi crashes through city railings as police race to scene

The vehicle was seen hanging over the edge of the road
The vehicle was seen hanging over the edge of the road -Credit:Stephen/@StepRam

An Edinburgh taxi has crashed through railings in the city centre on Wednesday afternoon.

Police rushed to Forres Street at around 12.30pm, after reports of a car crash. Images from the scene show a taxi having smashed through metal railings, leaving the vehicle hanging over the edge of a sudden drop.

Both Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene but there were no reported injuries, Edinburgh Live reported.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland stated: "Around 12.10pm on Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 we were called a reports of a single vehicle crash on Forres Street, Edinburgh.

One resident who witnessed the incident said: "Serious sounding and looking car crash in Edinburgh today, we heard a loud bang and looked outside to see."

Another concerned resident added: "We were just working in a building down the street, we heard a big bang and then came out here.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service were on the scene
-Credit:Edinburgh Live

"From the front of the taxi it doesn't look that bad but from the side it looks scary The railing has come away as well. The driver seems okay though."

A third witness stated: "It looks pretty bad, the driver was talking to officers as I was walking by. The area is cordoned off around.

"Officers attended and there were no reports of injuries. The driver of the vehicle was issued with a fixed penalty notice in connection with the incident."

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