Edinburgh woman 'struggling to make ends meet' after her dog escapes playpen

Gemma has forked out thousands for Raya's life-saving surgeries
Gemma has forked out thousands for Raya's life-saving surgeries -Credit:Gemma Taylor

An Edinburgh woman has "drained her savings" after her tiny Pomeranian pup needed several operations.

Gemma Taylor picked up Raya, now six-months-old, in November. Her joy turned to heartache just four weeks after Raya's arrival, when the pooch escaped her playpen and ended up with a "devastating" injury to her leg.

The dogs usual playful antics and boundless energy disappeared, and Raya began to limp. Gemma, who lives in the Liberton area, wasted no time in seeking help from a vet and was determined to do whatever it took to ensure a smooth recovery.

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In the lead up to Christmas, they waited for Raya's X-ray results and eventually found she had broken her leg in multiple places. Gemma said the journey to the vet was a blur of "anxiety and anticipation" ahead of the operation.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, Gemma said: "The decision to proceed with the surgery wasn't made lightly, but it was the only way to alleviate her suffering and give Raya a chance at a normal life.

"The veterinary team were great, and she bounced back from the surgery with a newfound determination. However, just when we thought the worst was behind us fate dealt another cruel blow."

A routine check showed unforeseen complications. Raya was diagnosed with medial patella laxation and hip dysplasia, conditions that would take multiple surgeries to correct.

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With each surgery costing several thousand pounds, Gemma thinks the total cost will reach around £18,000. Raya's insurance has capped out, and Gemma said she feels "helpless and overwhelmed".

She continued: "She's already been through so much, and we've spent so much money.

"I'm completely capped out. I've spent all my savings, which was around six thousand pounds. We're definitely struggling to make ends meet.

Gemma said the pup is the "happiest dog in the world"
Gemma said the pup is the "happiest dog in the world" -Credit:Gemma Taylor

"It's been so stressful and emotional. But she's the happiest dog in the world, and I'll do anything I can to keep her with us.

"We're hopeful that brighter days lie ahead. I'll continue to stand by her side."

Gemma launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the "mounting" medical expenses. She added: "The response so far had been overwhelming.

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"A real testament to the power of community, and the love we have for our furry companions. From the moment she bounded into our lives, Raya has brought immeasurable joy and love into the home.

"Her antics and boundless energy are the highlight of our day. She fills our lives with laughter and warmth."

You can help Gemma and Raya on their fundraiser here.