Is Edwina Sharma in season 3 of 'Bridgerton'? What to know about how the fan-favorite character's story continues

edwina sharma bridgerton season two
Charitha Chandran as Edwina Sharma in "Bridgerton" season two.Liam Daniel/Netflix
  • Edwina Sharma, played by Charithra Chandran, was a major character in season two of "Bridgerton."

  • Based on how season two ended, Edwina's inclusion in season three of "Bridgerton" wasn't guaranteed.

  • Here's what you need to know about how the fan-favorite character's story continues.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Bridgerton" season three, part one.

Reader, you may be curious as to what has become of Miss Edwina Sharma.

Edwina (Charithra Chandran) was one of the major characters in season two of "Bridgerton." The younger Sharma sister was that season's "diamond," set up with the Viscount Bridgerton (a.k.a. Anthony, played by Jonathan Bailey). But it was actually her sister Kate (Simone Ashley) who ended up with Anthony after multiple episodes of affection-tinged bickering.

Unfortunately, that does involve Edwina calling off her own wedding to Anthony.

Here's where Edwina ends up in season three, part one of "Bridgerton."

Charithra Chandran edwina sharma bridgerton
Edwina Sharma almost got married in "Bridgerton" season two.Liam Daniel/Netflix

Edwina isn't in season three of 'Bridgerton' — at least not yet

Unfortunately, we don't see Edwina at all in the first four episodes of season three.

As a refresher, Queen Charlotte declared Edwina the "diamond" of the season in season two, making her an extremely desirable marriage prospect. Anthony Bridgerton proposed to her, making the Queen so thrilled that she offered to host their wedding herself. Unfortunately, Edwina ran out of the ceremony after realizing that her sister loved Anthony.

Eventually, Kate married into the Bridgerton family. Back from their honeymoon in season three, the Viscount and Viscountess dive back into the affairs of managing the Bridgerton estate. And of course, they're cognizant of the need to eventually produce an heir.

But after Edwina's wedding fiasco, Queen Charlotte is nervous to choose a "diamond" of the season. Though Edwina isn't physically present, however, the Queen does give an update on her and indicates that she's doing well.

"I hear my choice last year, Miss Edwina, has made a splendid match abroad," the Queen tells Lady Danbury in season three, episode two.

Ultimately, it seems that Edwina's story on the show has likely come to a close and that she got an off-screen happy ending — but that doesn't mean we'll never see her again.

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