Egyptian man shows off collection of 15,000 books

STORY: This Egyptian book collector has turned his room into a library

which houses around 15,000 books

Location: Dakahlia, Egypt

(Hamdallah Abdel Hafez, Book collector)

"I started collecting books more than fifty years ago. These books include a variety of topics like literary, Islamic books, and different studies in more than one field, the interpretation of the Qur’an, the prophetic hadiths, and the Arabic language, which I adore. This is something that I love, and I will continue reading these useful books."

Abdel Hafez offers the books for people to read or borrow for free

He hopes to one day turn his book-stacked room into an organized library

(Rabab Hamouda Abu Sheadsha, Dakahlia resident)

"I come here because there is a large collection of books in Sheikh Hamdallah’s library, so I come to read and borrow books from him. I also ask him about the books he has, and we recite Qur’an or talk about the rulings of the Sunnah, jurisprudence and hadiths, and there are miscellaneous books in all fields."