Eight cars on UK roads found to have 'unacceptably high fault rates'

Drivers of some of the most popular cars in the UK have been warned their motors have the highest fault rates. Which? found that eight cars were found to have instances of individual faults compared to similarly aged cars that have above-average rates.

The consumer group tested 60,000 vehicles, with 50,000 drivers involved, and found the vast majority of owners who reported the faults said the manufacturers did not fix the issue through a recall notice. It found: "Every year, we ask thousands of UK car owners about their experiences with their car, including any faults they’ve had in the past 12 months.

"In our latest survey, we heard from 50,323 drivers about the 59,921 cars they owned. Using this data, we've identified several cars with above-average instances of specific faults." It discovered BMW 5 Series Saloon (2017-2023) have a higher number of faults with exhaust and emission control components.

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A spokesperson for BMW said: "The BMW Group UK has a long-term commitment to quality and quality control. Without further details relating to your statement regarding the three models in question, we are unfortunately unable to give a specific comment."

The Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate (2014-2021) had an incident rate of 17 per cent, compared to the average of five per cent. A spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz added: "At Mercedes-Benz, we continuously monitor the performance of our cars and pay particular attention to any issues that could have an impact on reliability and customer satisfaction.

"We are unable to comment further on this generalised topic and the results of your survey without reviewing specific cases, the associated individual circumstances and the root cause of any reported malfunctions."

The Volkswagen Tiguan (2008-2016) had a fault rate 22 per cent, compared to the average. And the Alpine A110 (2018-present)had a fault rate of 35 per cent for fuel system components, compared to the average rate.

A spokesperson for Alpine said: "All Renault Group brands are committed to customer satisfaction as a top priority. As a part of its quality policy, Renault Group deploys Recall or Service Campaigns as often as necessary to ensure customers complete peace of mind with their vehicle.

"In regards to fuel system faults, we confirm that a service campaign was implemented in December 2023, with more than 50 per cent of cars now rectified. Anyone seeking assistance should contact their local Alpine Centre." The Audi A1 (2010-18) had a fault rate of 18 per cent, while Audi A3 was the same. The BMW 1 Series (2019-) and Audi A3 saloon were also named.