Elden Ring folk hero Let Me Solo Her has been reborn in Shadow of the Erdtree as Let Me Solo Him

 Let Me Solo Her.
Credit: KleinTsuboi

Our 2022 gamer of the year is back, baby (he never left, but still). Let me solo her, the nearly nude man with a jar on his head who would help players against Elden Ring's hardest boss, had been streaming his Shadow of the Erdtree prep and first playthrough for some time, but now he's again dabbling in what made him famous in the first place: soloing challenging bosses for grateful co-op hosts.

The signature pot helmet is firmly in place, but otherwise he's got kind of a "Punished 'Venom' Let me solo her" thing going on. LMSH has sprung for some new threads, with Morgott's stinky cloak covering up his signature loincloth, while he's traded in his signature katanas for a frost infused falchion and scimitar. The "character returning for the sequel with a long coat and an eyepatch" vibe has been sealed with a critical name change: He's now "Let me solo him."

The first target is challenging expansion mid-boss Messmer the Impaler, the guy on all the box art and promo material. LMSH has a few stream VODs of Messmer assistance runs, but he also just uploaded a new video of a no-hit co-op run against Messmer⁠—as ever, one of the more impressive things about LMSH's practice is that he's functionally playing at a handicap, with Elden Ring bosses getting a health buff in co-op play.

LMSH has expressed to PC Gamer that he'll probably focus on Messmer for some time, hoping to more consistently get no-hit runs like the one above. He's left the door open for eventually running support on Shadow of the Erdtree's super hard, super spoilery final boss, who I spent a whopping seven hours in-game to just beat once.

Whatever comes next for Let me solo him, you can follow along with his progress via his YouTube or Twitch channels.